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yeah 11/1/2017

2001 Buick Century Limited 6 Cyl 3.10L


drum brakes over to disc brakes

I changed my back brakes from drum brakes to disc brakes and now the abs light and POS Trac light stays on what can I do to get it off

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HouseCallAuto 11/3/2017

That is a tough one to comment on. I tried to research this a bit but I have a problem that stops me from continuing. The 01 Buick Century does not have an indicator that says POS Trac that I can find anywhere in my information system. Are you sure that this is a Century and the year is correct?

OK, Now I will make a few assumptions here. When you removed the rear drum brakes I assume that there was a wheel speed sensor even though it had drum brakes? And I assume that you plugged this wire into the new hub ass'y?


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