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moondog 2/19/2012

2001 GMC Sierra 1500 HD SLT 8 Cyl 6.00L


was driving an truk started sputteing,it wouldnt go anymore,pulled home and got it to start a few times wont idle r run

i was driving and all of a sudden truck wouldnt get over 30 mph, i pulled over turned truck off started and took off then truck would barely run i towed it home, next morning i got it to crank right up but wouldnt run long and as soon as in hit the gas it died,changed fuel filter and never got it to start again, a guy i know checked something under the hood and said the fuel pump had no pressure and everyone i talk to says the same, if it is that do need to change the whole assembly r can i change just the pump? i dont plan on keeping the truck much longer, r could it even be a relay r fuse?

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rick 2/19/2012

Sounds like your fuel pump went bad . Nothing new . Its in the fuel tank . Depending on how much gas is in it would make a differance on how to if it . You need to unhook the straps and filler tube and let the tank down since you need to get to the top of tank to get pump out . In a lot of cases it can be easyer to take the bolts out of the box and lift it over out of the way and the pump is right there . Do yourself a favor and buy a OEM pump . I have known more than one dude that put 2-3 aftermarket pumps in with in a month or so before buying a good one . Whats your time worth ?


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