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doc steel
doc steel 4/27/2010
2004 Chevrolet S10 LS 6 Cyl 4.3L - Engine
When driving the engine shuts off and when i push on the gas pedal it will start again or at a light i must restart help
Some times it will quickly shut off then go again, other times I can pump the gas pedal and it will go again. If im stoped at a light it will restart by pumpimg the gas pedal as I ingage the starter. The problem seams to be getting worse it started about a week ago and times I can drive for 10 15 miles with no trouble and others I will have trouble 2 or 3 times in a 1\4 mile. The check engine light is not on so is assume there is no codes to read. Could this be a sign the fuel pump is going bad? if so is it an in tank pump on this model? In the old days of the 60s this would be easy the truck would not run so you would check fuel and spark but this day is gone with simple checks. Any help would great to find the trouble I belive I can repair it but just what to repair or replace can drive me nuts with the newer fuel and ignition systems.
Thanks DH
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  • doc steel
    doc steel 4/28/2010
    I took my truck to the one shop Arizona I trust with any car or truck Johnson Automotive located in El Mirage. He ran his scope on it and found no codes as he checked each injector with the scope shutting each one off one at a time they all seemed ok and change the engine information about the same, but he did see a miss every once and a while. He tried moving the truck and noticed that when he would stop the truck would die. He went back under the hood and by just simply touching things he found the truck would die when he touched the wires near the coil and after checking and double checking he found the wire. It was clearly broken. When you pull gently on the wire the insulation would stretch. He fix this wire changed my oil and the truck runs like a champ. When I picked it up he said things went great and it was not bad to fix but he did say this is the kind of thing that could have taken hours to find but I think he is just being modest. Johnson Automotive is by far the best mom and pop repair shop I have ever dealt with and by saying mom and pop I talking about a family owned shop with all the right tools to do the job and the knowledge required to use them.
  • jarhead 67
    jarhead 67 4/28/2010
    good deal

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