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Jay Martin

Jay Martin 4/14/2010

1999 Dodge Avenger ES 6 Cyl 2.50L


When driving over 50-mph, car will hesitate, then surge, back-and-forth until speed is reduced to under 50-mph.

1 Answer

Nissan Technical Advisor

One/some of the following cause/s your engine to hesitate,

Check air filter - clean or replace

Check fuel filter - replace

Check delapidated vacuum hoses, this is typically connected to the engine intake manifold - check if broken then replace, or it was loose - fit it correctly ( whistling noise could be heard with this problem)

Check fuel pump pressure and pressure regulator - if defective fuel pump - replace it, if pressure regulator stuck - replace it.

Check engine timing - adjust as needed

Check MAF & MAP sensors - MIL (malfunction inductor lamp) is present, better replace the sensors

Check for severely worn or misadjusted spark plugs - adjust or replace

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