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Greg Lewis

Greg Lewis 2/21/2011

2002 Honda Civic LX 4 Cyl 1.70L

Body & Interior

drivers side window will not operate. Passanger window is fine. Window is up.

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HPI Vorza

HPI Vorza 2/21/2011

1. Check the fuses first, located on the underside of the steering wheel with a square plastic cover
2. Next, check the switch on the door, pop off the switches on the armrest with a flat head screw driver.
3. I have a handy dandy battery that i connect the the afforementioned switch connections for the Driver side, then i start the car to engage the relay.

If it goes up, its the swtich that needs replacing
If it still doesnt its the relay

HPI Vorza

Greg Lewis 2/22/2011

Thanks, fuse is ok. I can hear a slight click when I pull up on window switch. I'm not a mechanic. I found a used master switch for $50. was going to replace switch. It looks easy to replace but ouch if it's not the switch. I don't have or understand the handy battery thing. Where is the relay located?
What does it look like? Is it as easy to replace as the switch?
Sorry for all the questions first time on this site.

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