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matt 2/21/2020

1992 Buick Regal Limited 6 Cyl 3.80L

Body & Interior

the driver's side power window is stuck in down position. How can I get the window back up w/o using motor?

I've removed the part containing the left and right switches,power lock and power mirror. Removed the door panel and disconnected all the components. Tested switch and motor both getting 12v but no movement or noise when pressing up. I have a Haynes manual which says to test fuse and circuit breaker first. Fuse is good obviously but don't know where the circuit breaker is. The manual doesn't show it's location. at least I can't find in manual. I can follow directions in manual but not sure what route to take. Is the motor bad and if not how do i find out? Also if the motor is the problem, I've been told I have to remove it by drilling out rivets and replacing with nuts,washers and bolts. plus there's the regulator which I'm not what to do about. i apologize for lengthy post and appreciate the use of this site and the help I've received in the pst.

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Jimm 2/22/2020

First step is easy, since the inner door panel is removed - then simply lift the window by hand, and place a length of wood to block / hold in the closed position.

Next, test whether the window control switch is the issue - run a jumper wire to the window motor to supply 12VDC - see if the motor itself will operate. If it does, then check the switch by exchanging it with the control switch from the opposite door.

It is easiest and least expensive to replace the window regulator with the motor as a complete assembly - as needed.

Front driver window regulator assembly = ACI #82111 (www.Carid.com, www.amazon.com) cost is around $72.00.


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