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Patrick Fals

Patric ... 10/15/2012

2000 Cadillac Catera Sport 6 Cyl 3.0L

Preventive Maintenance

Drivers door wont open and stuck on secuirty mode but starts

Around July 2012 my Catera was working okay, the power locks and alarm didn't work I reset the remote multiple times and put new batteries but to no avail. So I was driving to work and i noticed the "Security" turned on. I thought it was something random so i disregarded it. Once i got the the parking lot of my job i tried to unlock the door manually by pulling up on the lock and it seemed jammed. I was there for 5 minutes and the door still wouldn't budge i felt like a moron. So i hoped over and got out through the Passenger door. As I was walking to the door of my job i noticed that mu lights were on (not the full lights just the high-beams) so I went back in through the Passenger door and saw that they were turned off. I opened the hood and disconnected the battery so the lights wouldn't kill the battery. As i was leaving I hooked up the battery and got in through the Passenger door and turned the car on and left. Ever since the drivers door wont open its stuck "deadlocked"

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