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heck 5/18/2010

2000 Chevrolet Suburban 2500 LT 8 Cyl 6.0L

Body & Interior

drivers door will not open/un lock ?

how do i take the door panel off so i can see what is wrong

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darkmind 9/28/2010

•Roll down the window before your take off the interior door lock (pried it on its plastic trim ring and gave it a slight forward push). Align the bent rod end into the center hole of the interior door lock when you installed it later.

•From the outer edge pried upward the electrical control (when the wires are exposed disconnect the connectors). Remove the screw hidden behind your control panel.

•The other screw is located under your armrest pull handle, remove it. Pry the end upward of your cover around the inside latch area to remove it. Then maneuver the cover around and off the door handle.

•Remove your top end of the side view mirror cover, by prying it in an upward direction.

•Remove your reflector lamp, by prying it with a prying tool or small screw driver. By pulling on the release tab and pulling the wire out, you will disconnect the wire in your reflector lamp.

•If you are certain that there are no screw and other accessories that secures your door panel. Then lift the panel upward and pulled it away from your door shell.


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