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Garry 8/2/2012

1993 Ford Thunderbird LX 6 Cyl 3.8L

Body & Interior

driver window just stopped going up,so i look in door crack and push elec.buttun and motor moves but the sprocket just

clicks ,then 4 days later other door does same thing exactly.So before i take apart does it mean the motor is disengaged from sprocket or is motor have gears that might be stripped,any and all info.appreciated,from taking door off,to fixing motor or whatever you think it is,its my sons car so my work,and you can open+close windows by hand so not stuck,thank [email protected]

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Roger M

Roger M 10/6/2012

Just went through the same thing with my '93. I discovered there are 3 round barrels that act as a clutch inside the drive gear. The point was they would sacrifice themselves to save the motor. A new gear comes with new clutch barrels and more than enough grease to repack it. It was about $25 at parts store. More work getting the motor out and to the gear than the replacement. 2 weeks later the motor acts up. Open the door again and pull the motor. Out with no load it chugs. Gave it a nudge and it seems to loosen up. Just figured in spite of giving it a good going over I missed a piece of the disintegrated old clutch. Day later same thing. Give the motor a nudge, get it warmed up and it runs, stone cold it locks up. New motor with gear $55. The grease coated new gear (well slightly used now) was hardly returnable. LESSON LEARNED; Just buy a new motor!


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