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Ronald Permaul

Ronald ... 3/17/2010

2007 Nissan Altima SE 6 Cyl 3.5L

Preventive Maintenance

Driver Side Headlight Out - Car purchased in May 2007

Car is equiped with HID lights, after a trip back to Nissan dealer and upon inspection by tech it was determined the "ballast" was bad and needs to be replaced....., only way to do that since the "ballast "cannot be ordered/bought alone, I would have to replace the entire headlight assembly, since it comes equiped with the "ballast" (note: nothing is wrong with headlight assembly) but fact remains I was told that its a cost to me roughly around $850.00, am I being taken for a ride here? Can the "ballast" in itself be bought and replace without paying for the entire assembly only to obtain the ballast? - thanks in advance.

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Bobby 3/17/2010

Hey Ronald, Best advice i can give you is to start searching I searched HID headlight ballast and a bunch of sites and info started to come up. I would even try getting the manufacturers number off of the ballast and try looking them up directly. You can find the ballast Nissan just doesn't want you to! ha! But you should be able too, Nissan doesn't manufacturer the bulbs and ballasts just the lenses they are connected to, probably why they want to sell you the hole unit....


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