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psimpso2 3/27/2010
2003 Chevrolet Tahoe Z71 8 Cyl 5.3L - Body & Interior
Driver information center (DIC) informs me that "Rear Access Open" when it is not.
the truck thinks the rear door is open when it is not. I had to hit the dome light override button so the interior lights wouldn't stay on all the time. Why does the truck thnk the door is open.
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  • grumpydepalo
    grumpydepalo 3/29/2010
    Check the switch on the door or frame of the rear access opening. Probably bad!!!!1
  • psimpso2
    psimpso2 3/29/2010
    Are you refering to the latch that keeps the door closed when it is closed. I have opened the door and manually triggered the two latches that keep the door closed and still have the problem. Are you refering to this or a switch similar to what turns the light off in a refridgerator kind of thing. Thanks for your response.

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