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thach35 5/24/2012
1999 Lexus GS300 Base 6 Cyl 3.0L - Body & Interior
driver door lock switch does not work all the times
the driver side door lock switch does not work during the cold weather day. it seem like it work during the warm weather day.
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  • raoul_tiesto
    raoul_tiesto 5/24/2012
    How about the passenger side door lock switch,works at all times?If works at all times,the only problem u have its the driver side door lock switch.If passenger side door lock switch does the same thing as the driver side u may have bad door lock actuators...all 4 doors.Lexus Gs 300 they all have that problem with the door lock actuators.Try and diagnose it right before replacing any parts.
    thach35 5/25/2012
    it onhly on the driver side (front driver). all other 3 doors work perfectly.
  • raoul_tiesto
    raoul_tiesto 5/25/2012
    That means that its the actuator if the rest of doors work fine.

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