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Altimaguy 5/19/2020

2002 Nissan Altima SE 6 Cyl 3.50L


Where is it dripping from??

Flex hose on exaust is full oil can't figure out where it's coming from it's v6 and hard to see from top cause plenum in way anyone HELP PLEASE ! THANKS

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Jimm 5/19/2020

There are several recommended steps you can follow:

1) Thoroughly clean off the engine so any oil leak is easier to observe. Use wipes, rags, engine cleaner aerosol or bulk spray. Pay attention to the suspected oil leak area.

2) Add a small amount of oil-soluable dye (oil leak detect) available from any local auto parts stores in your area - in order to pinpoint the leak source.

3) After adding the dye - then drive like normal for a time - until you can see the dye and leak point(s) on the engine. Check using an ultraviolet (UV) light source - such as a UV flashlight.


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