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Gary 4/10/2011

1980 BMW 320i Base 4 Cyl 1.8L


Where is the drain plug on the Behr Auto Radiator?

I replaced the original BMW Radiator back about 94 with a Behr. I haven't had to drain it since but I want to drain it now. I looked on the bottom and found two knurled plastic knob type caps. I unscrewed them but no fluid came out. Radiator is filled with water (rusted). The reason I want to drain it is to replace the water, ( which I believe steams out from the cap after a few days and I have to constantly replace), with 50/50 Coolant which should reduce the steaming.
Can't find the drain or I am missing something. If you need the serial # of the Behr is 1R759 67129

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Spoon Sports

Spoon Sports 4/10/2011

Probably the drain plug hole is plugged with rust. Because that is the drain hole, anyway what i would do at this point is remove the radiator hang it upside down to drain the water.

Never use tap water, use distilled water (Dont want to explain it since its a long read for you)

Spoon Sports

Gary 4/10/2011

I thought both drain holes might be plugged with rust so I poked in there with a small thin screwdriver blade. What I felt felt like an interior metal plug though rather than rusty crud.

Decent Idea about taking it out and turning it upside down. Though once I remove the bottom hose everything should all drain out anyway. I thought I'd take a shot at asking in case I was missing something.

And I did know about the distilled water thing. I usually use the water from a gas station which I believ

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