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michae ... 2/21/2011

1993 Dodge Dynasty Base 6 Cyl 3.0L


why dose my breaks over heat

when a go a certain distance my breaks lock up an i have to waite at least 45 min for them to coo off, then i can drive again.

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HouseCallAuto 2/21/2011

A bad brake hose or bad caliper, but one of those will almost always make the car favor one side over the other or the car will pull to one side with your foot off the brake pedal. Could even be a bad master cylinder causing the front brakes to drag evenly. Try unbolting the master cylinder leaving all lines attached. Place one small washer (about 1/16" thick under each mounting ear of the master cylinder and see if the problem appears to be gone. If that does it, it would be an indicator that either someone increased the length of the pushrod in between the master and the brake booster (it is adjustable) or that the master cylinder is no good. Update me with the results.


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