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upchuck07 5/22/2017

1995 Mitsubishi Mighty Max Base 4 Cyl 2.40L


i don't know if I should try replacing the relay or just go straight for th ECM ?

my truck was acting spuratic it started running rough & I didn"t think much of it, but two hours later it wouldn"t start ? Next morning turn the key and drive away, for awhile then it starts cutting out ! Now it was raining so naturally I figure moisture in the cap which there was but this did not fix the problem so I start messing with the timing and I get it to fire up so we"re cool for a little while then it starts bucken & cutting out until it dies. Now I"m getting pissed so I check it I got spark I loosen the line to the fuel rail no gas so lets go buy a pump & filter & change them in the middle of this parking lot 2? miles from home and still no gas so I bypassed the relay to run the pump so I have gas to the fuel rail and it still won't start! So my question is should I buy an ECM and wire the pump back the way it was or do I try the relay first? The relay is $62 the ECM is $366 not programmed or $517 factory programmed or can the old one be reprogrammed?

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