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kymzin4 12/21/2012

1991 Geo Metro Base 3 Cyl 1.0L

Body & Interior

Why don't my headlights work?

First my low beam lights quit working then my high beams started going off and on. I found if I wedged something in between the switch handle on the steering column and the cover for the column they would stay on. Now that won't even work. upon inspection of the inside fuse panel I discovered that both the plug into the panel and the panel it's self has scorch marks and melting. what could cause this?

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Jimm 12/22/2012

Usually, this indicates a wiring short. Replace the headlight switch, repair the wiring, and replace the headlamp relay. Try the many on-line auto parts sources, such as; www.autopartswarehouse.com or www.rockauto.com for the replacement parts.


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