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Gina Chimienti Argueta

Gina ... 10/16/2019

2012 Chevrolet Equinox LT 4 Cyl 2.40L


Why doesn't my horn always honk when setting alarm?

In the last few months when setting my alarm the horn sounds like it's muffled/dying or doesn't even honk. I replaced the car battery (was original) and thought that might be the reason, but it's back to randomly doing it. I've also never changed the batteries in the remotes, so don't know if it's linked to that. I tried both keys (the spare I never use and the one I have on hand) both had the same results. My car still locks though even when the horn doesn't sound, so the remotes still work in that way. I'm also not hitting any other button on the remote when I hit the lock button. I'm just hitting the lock button twice.

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Jimm 10/16/2019

First step is to change the battery in the remotes. Next step, check the horn itself and the horn relay.

Easy and simple to test the relay - locate the horn relay by using the owners manual and relay layout. Then, swap (exchange) the horn relay with another relay of the same type and pin configuration.

If the horn problem is corrected, then replace the old horn relay.

Horn relay = STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS #RY828 {GM #19115081} - or it's equivalent


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