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Ch!cago 8/27/2012
1996 Chrysler Concorde LX 6 Cyl 3.3L - Engine
Doesnt gas supposed to spray out of the valve stem on the fuel rail. Please help?
Car will not start back up. Put on new valve cover gaskets, car would not start back up.Something was blowing my fuses under the car hood.Changed fuel pump and fuel filter. Got a friend to get in the car and try to start it while I pressed on the on the valve stem, no gas squirts out. No gas comes out the valve stem period even when ignition is just tuned to the on position. Could this be a fuel relay under the hood?
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  • jlofwash
    jlofwash 8/27/2012
    i dont have a book on your paricular vehicle, but yes fuel is suppose to come out of the SCHRADER VALVE, do you hear your fuel pump hum as it is running? if not, have you verified 12volts to the fuel pump, after all NOTHING works with out power.

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