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gopher 9/8/2010

2008 Dodge Avenger SE 4 Cyl 2.4L


Dodge Avenger disc Brake Problems

51766 mi. Front brakes shudder after driving on limited acess highways. It appears that calipers are not releasing brake pads on discs building up heat and warping rotors. Changed pads and rotors at 31,000, 41,000 miles. Now it is occuring again at 51,000 miles. Once brakes cool problem goes away, braking is normal again.. No warning lights for this recurring problem.

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Bobby 9/8/2010

the first set lasted 31,000 now the ones you are installing are only lasting 10,000 what brand of brake pads and rotors are you buying? could just be that they are cheap pads and rotors? unless the calipers are sticking but you would have noticed a binding caliper when replacing the pads, because you have to compress the calipers when you install the new pads.


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