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AutoMD ... 3/16/2014

1998 Toyota Corolla CE 4 Cyl 1.80L

Preventive Maintenance

what is the difference between a regular tune-up and a 30/60/90k mile service?

The list of repairs/inspections provided by my shop looks like 1/3 service and 2/3 inspection. All that for $350? Why not just get a tune up @ less than $100, then pay for a diagnostic @ less than$50?

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Jimm 3/17/2014

You are correct - the regular tune-up would include these replacement items; spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter. The parts cost for all these would be around $40.00 - 50.00 at most. The inspections are just that - you pay for the labor.
These items are easily performed - use the 'How-to-Guides' faeture on the AutoMD website, or the www.autozone.com website for further instruction and the specific steps.


AutoMD Member 3/19/2014

Thanks, will do

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