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Hintzjim 12/2/2017

1989 Mercury Grand Marquis LS 8 Cyl 5.00L


Delayed gas guage, car stalling on start up

I think its an LS model, I forget now for sure.
On start up the gas light stays on until the gas guage finally rises to its current full level. The car starts rough, buts runs. It can die if you do not keep the idle up. After it has been driven a few blocks and the fuel light has gone out it seems to run fine and will not give you more issues until it has set for anther day and its back to a cold start again.
Not really sure where to take it is the problem because most places here do not want to work on a gas tank if it needs to be drained and removed, and the guys who will do not have a diagnostice machine to put it on to be sure its fixed. And as usual they dont want to fix it if it works more then 50% of the time anyway.
So its a real headscratcher as to what do I do with it? No money to trade it off with.
Thanks in advance.....

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