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Freeman 3/27/2012

2005 Pontiac Wave Base 4 Cyl 1.6L


Daytime Running Lights

I am having problems with the daytime running lights on a 2005 Pontiac wave. I have swapped out a the D.L.R relay with the low beam headlight relay which as the same part number,check the fuse supplying power to the relay, checked and cleaned plugs going to the DIM module.,still having problems.
Sometimes when driving they will come on and then go off just out of nowhere like a bad connection or ground.Could this be the DIM module malfunctioning,causing this problem or is their something I'm over looking.Their can't be much else in this cct.other than the fuse,relay dim module and wiring connections.
Any help would be appreciated

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EG9 K20A3

EG9 K20A3 3/28/2012

Good luck here are the troubleshooting steps



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