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Roger 6/26/2021

2006 Honda Odyssey EX-L 6 Cyl 3.50L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

dashboard warning lights remain on

I rearranged fuses on the passenger and driver side in order to try to get door locks working, but when I restarted the vehicle, all the dashboard warning lights remained on, as well as a blinking "Drive" gear light, and no outside temperature reading. The car, when driven, seemed to only work in one gear, so slow acceleration. After a day of driving, the battery was dead, so a local mechanic replaced the alternator. However, that did not fix the problem, with the same blinking "drive" lights and other warning lights remaining on. The electrical was reset, but that did not help. The mechanic scanned, and came up with a lot of errors relating to solenoid and issues relating to the transmission. Since this all occurred immediately after I rearranged fuses in the drivers compartment, it seems to me that it is worth checking with the community to find out whether I really need a new transmission, or whether this is all related to a problem created by my fooling around with the fuses

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