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darkst ... 6/4/2010

2000 Honda Civic EX 4 Cyl 1.60L

Body & Interior

My dash lights arent working but speedo still does

My dash, ac, cruise control lights all went out and Im not sure what the cause is. i checked and replaced blon fuses with the manual and they blew as i instantly put them back in. What could i possibly do to fix this? I do have and aftermarket stereo but ive had it way longer than ive had this problem. Also check engine came on and i had it checked and it said front catalytic oxy sensor had low voltage or something. What can i do?

2 Answers

Nissan Technical Advisor

Post the codes here so we can translate it properly and can give repair recommendations.


Bill 2/27/2011

Dash light are probably the interior dash light control switch malfunctioning. Turn this control all the way off, replace fuse and se if when you turn switch on fuse blows. Bingo.


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