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swiftj ... 5/31/2019

1995 GMC C1500 Sierra SLE 6 Cyl 4.30L


What is Cylinder 7 Misfire Detected of car? What are the causes P0307 OBD-II Trouble Code?

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What Does P0307 Mean?

P0307 indicate that cylinder number 7 is experience misfires. Misfires occur when an deficient amount of fuel is ablaze in a cylinder. The efficient burning of fuel is essential to engine operation as the combustion of fuel is what provides the energy to power the engine. A go wrong from one or more cylinders can be cause by many reasons from a defective ignition system, fuel system or inner engine crash. When P0307 occurs it should be fixed immediately as long term driving with engine misfires could cause consequential damage to
your engine.

What causes the P0307 code?

• Faulty spark plug in cylinder 7

• No compression in cylinder 7

• Damaged or worn out spark plug wires

• Damaged or worn spark plug coils

• Damaged distributor cap

• Damaged rotor button Faulty fuel injector

• Clogged exhaust gas recirculation valves or tubes

• Burned valves

• Inaccurate ignition timing

• Vacuum leaks

• Low fuel pressure

• Head gasket leaks

• Cracked distributor cap

• Faulty camshaft sensor

• Faulty crankshaft sensor

• Faulty mass air flow sensor

What are the symptoms of the P0307 code?
These comprise condensed power, rough idle, choppy acceleration, a stored trouble code, and an illuminate service engine soon lamp.

Common mistakes when diagnosing the P0307 code?
Ignition system mechanism is often replaced in fault when this code is exhibit. While they are the most likely culprits, other factors can also play into the backfire equation.

What repairs can fix the P0307 code?

• Replacing spark plugs that are faulty or damaged

• Replacing damaged spark plug wires

• Replacing damaged coil packs

• Repairing or replacing clogged EGR valves

• Repairing or replacing clogged EGR tubes

• Replacing burned valves

• Repairing or replacing head gasket leaks

• Replacing a faulty camshaft sensor

• Replacing a faulty crankshaft sensor

• Replacing a faulty MAF sensor

• Replacing a faulty oxygen sensor

• Replacing a faulty throttle position sensor

• Replacing a faulty fuel injectors

• Replacing faulty catalytic converter


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