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Jimmy White

Jimmy ... 5/15/2019

2014 Nissan Sentra SL 4 Cyl 1.80L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

CVT slipping high RPM,s , complete transmission failure

I am from Canada and my CVT in my 2014 sentra blew at 72,000 km or 45,000 miles in US . Nissan in binghampton ny replaced it under warranty and 1 month later back in canada I had to have it replaced again still under warranty now a few days after this CVT trans is acting up again I am going to bring it back to my local nissan dealer this week but they kind of try to shrug it off . I have contacted Nissan canada and they answered me saying their cars are of the best workmanship and have honoured their warranty . thats where my problem is that the replacement is warrantied for 20,000 km or 2 yrs which makes me think that nissan don't trust the quality of this CVT with only a short warranty period . After the 2 nd replacement I contacted Nissan canada again with my concerns and they haven't responded , Can anybody tell me what my next move should be

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Jimm 5/26/2019

There should be very little noise and/or slipping with a replacement or remanufactured transmission.

Recommend to return the vehicle to the dealership for their repair and correction under terms of the CVT transmission warranty.

There are all sorts of known, documented poor reliabiity and warranty issues with the Nissan CVT transmissions - all models: Sentra, Versa, Altima etc.

The defective transmission supplied in all of the affected vehicles is a continuously variable transmission ("CVT") known as the "JATCO - transmission.

These CVTs are defective in design, and as a result is prone to causing sudden, unexpected shaking and violent jerking (commonly referred to as "juddering" or "shuddering") when a driver attempts to accelerate an affected vehicle. This pronounced juddering or shaking of the transmission prevents an affected vehicle from accelerating as intended by the driver, despite his or her input with the accelerator pedal. The combination of an affected vehicle's transmission judder and its failure to accelerate according to driver input is associated with a "CVT belt slip condition" (the "defect"). This transmission defect creates an unreasonably dangerous situation and increases the risk of a crash; it is inevitable that an individual will be injured or killed due to a collision caused by this safety defect.

According to the complaint Nissan sold, leased, and continues to sell and lease the affected vehicle despite its awareness of the defect and the danger it poses to consumers and other drivers.

Common Issues - Symptoms/Diagnosis
If the unit does not move in either direction, something catastrophic is typically wrong.
If the unit moves only in one direction, look for clutch or hydraulic issue, which can affect its
movement in that direction.
Reverse operation is fixed at one ratio.
Noises which are present in Park/Neutral, but go away in gear, are usually related to the input
Some CVT'S will have noise in reverse - This is normal.
A Shudder on takeoff usually related to internal leaks, low pressure, damaged clutches,
electrical, driveability or strategy.
Electrical issues including the TCM, will usually set a specific code.


Jimmy White 5/28/2019

this JATCO - transmission that nissan uses makes me wonder if something fishy is up because nissan own jatco


Jimmy White 5/28/2019

mechanic at nissan told me that the spike in my rpms ( around 60 kms per hr rpm spikes ) was an update that nissan made to make the cvt look like its changing gears because of people complained they did not know when the cvt switched gears ( so much for nissan telling people how a cvt works . nissan canada is calling me tomorow about the update can't wait for their explanation lol

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