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dgmoe602 1/10/2021

2005 Nissan Altima S 4 Cyl 2.50L


Crankshaft position sensor failing ?

Ok so my car has recently been ACTING really horrible lately usually when I come back to starting it after coming from somewhere , & will just Crank & not turn over I tried everything but find out if I let it sit for a while & come back it will start up finnaly & sometimes while I'm driving it will start to idle rough & almost seem to stall or die out , I'm getting check engine light & was curious if I should replace both sensor's , crank & cam sensor's since they work together.. anyone have an idea ? 130, miles also think I might need to change spark plugs after replacing the head gasket for leaks.

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Teddy B

Teddy B 1/10/2021

I see a few flaws in your thinking.

You mean Crank but not Start (turning over is cranking)

It would be nice if we knew what you tried.

You got a Check Engine Light ---Then What --Codes do not tell you
what is wrong or what to do.

I have been explaining that not just there but for the last 25 years

What Codes? Have you Googled them & read up on possible causes & solutions,
& how to system & component test things ?

I may be wrong but did you replace the head gaskets yourself not many folks do
they pay a repair shop.

Why would Spark Plugs be an issue ?

The Plugs would be new when the heads went back on & if you have any kind
of maintenance schedule they would be due or not due,not like they failed,
they wear & stress the ignition system.

The Answer is NO --- No Parts Ever Get Changed until you find a Problem --Period.

You Do Not Throw Parts at a Vehicle Problem --You find the System with an issue,
then continue your testing to system components,replace a needed & then retest
everything all over again to confirm the fix.

Second Answer --- You Need Professional Tools to look at the Data & then Test

On the side of Logic -- I give you that one.

Waiting For Sensors to cool off -- maybe

Crank Sensor,maybe another sensor -- but not on a guess & wish & hope strategy, because
you can afford the parts.

What about Fuel Pressure,Ignition other than sensor or plugs

Ever think the Fuel Pump may be worn electrically or mechanically & won't start every time.

Using that logic & some testing you could have a several possible causes of a Symptom

You have a Symptom to Diagnose,not a problem,it will be when you find something amiss.

Cam & Crank report to the same module maybe, but don't exactly work together & even you
can't believe several sensors or a list of items all failed at once !


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