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corolla 12/30/2019

2008 Toyota Corolla CE 4 Cyl 1.80L


crank will not start sometime

Hi, have a 2008 corolla with 188K, I bought the car 4 months ago, and since 2 months that cars (beginning of winter) the car will not start some time (it will crank but not start), sometimes it starts after 2 or 3 attempt, sometime it takes much longer (in one occasion the batter died while trying to start the car).
There is no check engine light and no computer scan code.
I replaced the fuel pump with one bought from ebay.
One mechanic told me its a computer problem, there is no communication between the engine and the fuel system
I am not sure, as I don't want to replace the computer (too costly) for nothing.
Is it possible to replace the computer at shops other than the dealership (i.e, do I need to reprogram the computer if I change it) or will it work fine. if so I should be able to replace the computer at reasonable cost
appreciate any help

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Jimm 12/31/2019

The engine no start condition may be due to many conditions and possibilities; lack of fuel pressure, weak / low spark, engine air intske or vacuum leaks - to list only a few.
Start with the basics, test for proper spark at both the ignition coil and at each spark plug.
Next, test for (measure) the fuel pressure at the fuel pump outlet and at each of the fuel injectors.
Finally, inspect the air intake system for damage and cracks/ leaks - including all the engine vacuum hoses.

Once you have confirmed these basic items are okay; air, fuel and ignition (spark), then begin the diagnosis on the ECU and related wiring and connections.

Do not replace any parts yet without a thorough testing and inspection being performed.

BTW - if the ECU and wiring/connections were faulty, there would be the associated fault codes stored in the OBD (on board diagnostic) system.

This is another indication and reason to cover the basics as your first step - so to save both time and cost by not simply replacing parts.


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