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donidry 3/22/2010
1997 Mercedes Benz E320 Base 6 Cyl 3.2L - Preventive Maintenance
courtesy light will not come on after driving with the light on
after driving with the light on when i stop and cut the engine off and the light once i close the door usually the courtesy light comes on and goes off after couple of seconds but now they dont come on how do u fix this (courtesy light is the fog lights and the 2 small light next to the headlight) and yea the fog lights and the two little light works when u turn on the head light so i know its not the bulb
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  • Bobby
    Bobby 3/22/2010
    Not exactly sure I'm following this correctly. But i think what your sayin is that the fog lights and running lights usually stay on on your vehicle after you have shut it down, turned everything off. Do you have to hit the alarm and then they come on? or do they just stay on regardless for a few seconds? It sounds like it could just be a setting that has some how been turned off. Are your headlights manual or automatic? Maybe check your owners manual and see what it says about it in the lights section.
  • donidry
    donidry 3/24/2010
    no i do not have 2 hit the alarm soon as the doors r closed they come on and the headlights r manual maybe i need 2 have the computer reprogrammed or something

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