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Cburgess 4/14/2010

2004 Land Rover Range Rover HSE 8 Cyl 4.4L


Coolant system problems-Cracked coolant reservoir replaced-Weeks later leaks in radiator-replaced-Now white smoke??

Help!!! My coolant system in my SUV has been malfunctioning and is costing a small fortune to fix!! A few months ago I had a cracked coolant reservoir that was replaced by the dealership. Weeks later, I took the truck back because the low coolant warning light was coming on and was told that I had leaks in the radiator and lower galley plate. I had both replaced and had the truck serviced. A week later I started the truck and white smoke was coming from the exhaust. Dealership told me that there was coolant in two of the cylinders and it could be a blown head gasket or worse-a blown engine. I cannot help but think that the dealership is somehow responsible for some of the sequence of malfunctions. Any advice would be helpful.

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dave1900 6/18/2010

If is white smoke like cloud,the coolant is mixing with the oil. Bad seals and/or head gaskets. Take it to your mechanic for diagnostic.


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