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Troy 5/18/2010
2002 Chevrolet Prizm LSi 4 Cyl 1.8L - Transmissions & Drivetrains
Have coolant in radiator, waterpump is turning, but car is overheating
2 Answers
  • HouseCallAuto
    HouseCallAuto 5/18/2010
    Does the cooling fan turn on? Does it overheat only when the car is still or in slow traffic or it doesn't matter? Does your heater still work?
  • Effie
    Effie 5/18/2010
    mine did the same thing. The coling fan didn't turn on. It had to be replaced and so did the thermostat. My car ran okay in the evening with the cooler air but not in the day time with the heat and the sun. After i had the fan replaced the car worked great. It only took a couple of hours and that was 2 years ago and the car still runs great

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