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pups69 11/22/2016

2009 Volvo XC90 3.2 6 Cyl 3.20L


Coolant leaking on Volvo D5 5cyl diesel engine

I have recently noticed that coolant was leaking on my D5 Volvo 5cyl diesel engine.
- Coolant was between MIN and MAX marks when I left, no apparent leaks while driving, but when the car was stopped/cold, I noticed the coolant was down to the MIN value.
- there is no white exhaust smoke,
- the coolant hoses are not hard when the engine is running and hot,
- the car has no loss of power and seems to be running normally.
At first the coolant leak was slow and I couldn't notice anything dripping under the car.
Then with a coolant system pressure tester I put pressure at 1 bar, and the needle was dropping quickly. I could hear a big air leak at the right of the expansion vase.
After putting the system under pressure, I started the car again and now I can see a leak clearly under the car to the ground at the left side of the engine opposite the expansion vase.
I put paper under and the leak is clean/clear coolant.
What could please be the cause?
Thank you for your help

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Jimm 11/24/2016

Several possibilities; leaking radiator hose, loose hose clamp, leaking heater hose, loose heater hose clamp, leaking cylinder head gasket, leaking thermostat seal.


pups69 11/24/2016

Hi Jimm, thanks for your reply. It could be the cylinder head gasket even if the coolant leaking under the car is perfectly clear and clean? Shouldn't it be mixed with oil/dirty if it was leaking from the cylinder head gasket? Thank you


Jimm 11/24/2016

Not necessarily - the cylinder head gasket leak may be slight enough to drip or ooze only coolant. I'd start with the simple, basic (inexpensive) repairs, such as checking all the hose clamps tightness.


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