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Tony 9/4/2010

2000 Jaguar S-Type Base 8 Cyl 4.0L

Preventive Maintenance

What is a coolant degas bottle leak?

Also to add to my Question I put my car in the shop for the front end both outer tie rods, both lower ball joints, front struts, sway bar link, and right side catalytic converter when I went to pick my car up from the dealer my passenger window was broke and I had a very bad transmission leak so I took my car back about 3-4 times till they fix the leakage but not I have transmission problems where Its stalls and a jerks when coming to a stop but this situation is being taking care of also the window. So when they finally took care of the trans-leak the same day me and the technician went on a test drive I let him drive it I notice my fan running real high and I ask him why was my fan running like that he says all cars does this and I stated my fan was never running high like that but being I had no time to spear I left a day later I had a coolant leak took it back to them a few times after not wanting to take my car back to that car shop I took it to another and had them check

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sergio 12/14/2010

have the coolant reservoir checked for leaks they are made of plastic and they do crack after a while.


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