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john 12/14/2010

2002 Chrysler Voyager Base 4 Cyl 2.4L


what are consequenses when serpentine belt breaks?

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Desi 12/14/2010

When the timing belt breaks, the engine absolutely will not start because the camshaft is no longer operating the valves, making combustion impossible. The camshaft has uneven lobed surfaces that lift the pushrods, allowing the valves to open and close with precise timing. Without this operation, the engine cannot even suck fuel into the chambers for ignition. Do not try to start a vehicle if you suspect that the timing belt has broken. Depending on the engine, this could cause the piston to actually slap the valves because they are in the wrong position, which could damage both the valves and the piston and result in the necessity for a complete engine rebuild


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