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CiCi 10/24/2016

1999 Mitsubishi Galant ES 4 Cyl 2.40L


Condenser Cooling Fan Assembly

The car is running hot. I have the radiator fan and I need the condenser cooling fan. Is the condenser cooling fan assembly the same as the condenser a/c cooling fan assembly?

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Teddy B

Teddy B 10/24/2016

There is only one fan shroud with one or two fans & fan motors

What they are called depends on the manufacturer

But you know the fans put air flow across the condenser first & then
the radiator on All Vehicles

Before you need any parts-you need to find a problem & one responsible
for an engine overheating issue

Do the fans not come on ?
Have you put battery voltage directly to the fans to confirm they work ?

A dozen things can cause an engine to over heat

Failed Head Gasket
Timing Belt Issues
Blocked Exhaust Converter
Cylinder Misfires
Vacuum Leaks
Fans good & not being turned on
All sorts of electrical issues

When you ask a question, tell the whole story going back months &
what testing has been done to find a problem


CiCi 10/24/2016

All I wanted to know is if the condenser fans mentioned above was the same.


Jimm 10/25/2016

Try these on-line resources for the replacement parts: www.autopartswarehouse.com, www.partsgeek.com, www.rockauto.com, www.partstrain.com - to list a few.

For example, they (RockAuto) list the replacement a/c condenser fan assembly from around $55.00 for your vehicle.

Radiator cooling fan assembly = GPD part #2811320 or it's equivalent
A/C condenser cooling fan assembly = DORMAN part #620331 or it's equivalent


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