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silvaj67 9/22/2012

1994 Pontiac Firebird Base 6 Cyl 3.4L


What are common problems for too much fuel being used?

I work about 8 miles from work but is taking about 1/4 tank of gas to get there. Just replaced the fuel pressure regulator, with a kit, but still consuming too much gas

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olds40316mm 9/22/2012

Pull the codes on your model year it will send them to the check engine light on the instrument panel ,some of chain parts stores will give you the jumper , They will most liklely show you where to plug it in . Hook up jumper and turn the car s key on ,off ,on to the run position (do not engage the starter)
Codes are sent to the light as blinks
Example code 22 would be 2 long blinks and 2 quick blinks
code 34 would be 3 long blinks and 4 quick blinks
It sends codes twice back to back and then procedes to the next
Have you given it a complete tune up ,plugs,wires,distribor cap,rotor button,pvc valve
Also check for vacuum leaks


CVO 9/22/2012

Mr olds40316mm, please allow my two cents answer. Follow Mr olds40316mm advice to the letter or see this link to retrieve any existing codes might stored in the engine control module.

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