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Bonnie 9/23/2010
1984 Jeep Wagoneer Base 6 Cyl 2.8L - Preventive Maintenance
What color is the wiring for wipers for the switch?
My vehicle was stolen & just trying to figure out how to get everything working properly
2 Answers
  • HouseCallAuto
    HouseCallAuto 9/23/2010
    Give me a more specific question. What is the condition of this wiring now. Has the wiring been cut and the connector for the wiper switch is missing? There are many wires that go to the wiper / washer switch. Those wires go to a connector that plugs into the wiper switch.
    Bonnie 9/24/2010
    Yes, the wires are cut & the switch's missing
  • HouseCallAuto
    HouseCallAuto 9/24/2010
    Your cheapest way and easiest way out of this is to go to a local auto scrapyard and buy the wiper switch and ask them to cut the wiring harness and leave extra wire length and then you can butt connector each wire together and the colors will match and you will have the connector as well. You must have the connector that plugs into the wiper switch and its either what I said or go to Jeep dealer parts and see if they will be able to order a new connector but that will be very tedious and time consuming with much room for error.

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