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WVUBERT 11/28/2010
1998 Mazda B4000 SE 6 Cyl 4.0L - Engine
On cold mornings the engine idles rough for about 5 minutes. What could be causing this?
When this happens in the fall and winter, the check engine light comes on. The code on the computer say's LEAN ON BANK ONE AND LEAN ON BANK TWO. After warm up it runs just fine. 187,000 miles.
I replaced the Mass Airflow Sensor, and it still does it. I do have a K&N filter, but I had the problem before I installed it. Started about 3 winters ago.
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  • Clifford Comstock
    Clifford Comstock 11/28/2010
    use dry gas or better yet use STP Injector Cleaner! Maybe Oxegen sensor
    WVUBERT 1/11/2011
    I tried the Sea Foam Brand and have ran 2 more tanks of gas through it. About the same. I had someone tell me it could be the Temperature Sensor. Could that be what tells the truck how to idle on cold mornings?

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