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pacu 6/6/2010

2003 Volkswagen Golf GLS 4 Cyl 2.0L


Code P2181- changed ECT sensor, engine light came on two days later. What to do next?

Code P2181 says low coolant level( filled up), probable cause failed radiator or water pump. So there is no radiator in this vehicle( as I understand) so the water pump could be the problem? Please help me what to do? Already I paid $72 for the ECT sensor to be replaced, and I don't want to pay a lot of extra money , since the car runs great, the temperature gauge is at 190. There is a possibility that there is a short circuit , that the engine light is on, for no reason? How can get rid of permanently of the engine light to turn off? I tried to disconnect the negativ pole from the battery, but still came back two days later. Thank you

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HouseCallAuto 6/6/2010

You have a bad thermostat. The engine is not reaching temperature fast enough. The computer sees that. It is not a short, no worry. Replace the stat. I just did the same job a week ago on an '04 Jetta 1.8T. Same code. I changes the ECT and the stat at the same time. Code did not return. The engine is supposed to reach full temperature within 7 minutes or it sets the code.


pacu 6/6/2010

How to replace the thermostat? Where is located?

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