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Luv5speeds 11/29/2013

2004 Honda Civic LX 4 Cyl 1.7L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

Clutch or Transmission or ?

My '04 honda civic lx 5speed wont shift into 2, 4, or reverse. It is as though something is stuck in the tree so i don't have the three speeds at the bottom of the shift. i can only shift into 1st, 3rd and 5th. Is it the transmission, the clutch, or both?

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HouseCallAuto 11/29/2013

In order to determine transmission or shifter linkage, the shift linkage has to be disconnected from the transmission and then the transmission has top be manually engaged to confirm that the unit can be put into 2nd, 4th and reverse. After doing that then the focus goes on to what went wrong with the shifter.


HouseCallAuto 11/29/2013

its not the clutch

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