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anselmo 9/24/2010

1989 Dodge Raider Base 4 Cyl 2.6L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

clutch stays engaged with vehicle off.

Clutch doesnt disengage and pedal is within 3 inches to the bottom. This happened within about 3 days, otherwise it was working fine. Now when key is turned the vehicle jumps foward. i was thinking it may be the hydralic cylinder on the side of trans, before i attempt to change clutch and pressure plate. I was going to lift rear end place on jack stands and attempt to push hydralic cylinder by hand to shift? Wil l this tell me anything Im not sure. would a bad clutch go so rapidly. Before this problem my pedal was all the way up and firm??? My son went under vehicle and told me the lever on the hydralic cyl only comes out half way when pushing the clutch pedal with the vehicle off.

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Nissan Technical Advisor

Hi Anselmo, you have a failing clutch assembly, this is a serious problem, you may need a help of a technician to rectify this. You can use a "Find a Shop" feature for nearby shops.


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