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AutoMD ... 4/15/2014

2003 Chevrolet S10 LS 4 Cyl 2.20L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

the clutch pedal is at top when engaging. and push pedal to floor the trans is hard to put in gear. no slipping of the c

clutch is only 30,000 miles old and I am 1,000,000 miles of exp. on clutches.

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alex 4/15/2014

how many miles are on the transmission you could of had a syncro clutch break or something. if you change the oil in the tranny look for. don't be alarmed if their is alot of shavings in there


HouseCallAuto 4/15/2014

If the transmission is difficult to put in any of the gears (not just first gear) with clutch pedal depressed but it is able to easily engage in the gears with the engine not running, then your cause is the clutch hydraulic system has either a bad slave cylinder or a bad clutch master cylinder or the system has to be bled.


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