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Autopa ... 6/16/2018

2016 Honda CR-V EX 4 Cyl 2.40L


What is the Clutch Pedal Switch A Circuit of car? What are the causes P0830 OBD-II Trouble Code?

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PartsAvatar Ca

PartsAvatar Ca 6/16/2018

What the P0830 code means?

When a P0830 code occurs, it means that the PCM received irregular resistance or voltage readings from
the clutch position sensor circuit. This part is also called the clutch start switch due to the fact that it has to
be in the closed position before the vehicle's starter will engage. The way it works is that voltage is to be
present on one side of the switch (input or output) until the contacts are closed and voltage transfers out of
the switch to the starter. Should this fail, it triggers the code.

What causes the P0830 code?

1. Faulty clutch position sensor switch

2. Blown fuse or fuse-able link (if applicable)

3. Corroded or damaged connector

4. Faulty or damaged wiring

5. Faulty PCM

How serious is the P0830 code?

Because there may be no symptoms with the P0830 code it may not seem like a serious matter. However, it
can prevent the vehicle from starting, it can allow it to start without the clutch engaged, and it can be due to
a larger electrical issue that can lead to further problems. This makes it a code that must be corrected
when discovered.

What are the symptoms of the P0830 code?

Engine may not start

Common mistakes when diagnosing the P0830 code:

Technicians report that the starter/solenoid is frequently condemned in error when the clutch position
sensor is at fault.

What repairs can fix the P0830 code?

1. Inspect all of the wiring and connectors to identify and repair any corroded, disconnected, damaged or
blown electrical connections or components, including fuses.

2. Checking voltage on the input side of the clutch position sensor, and repairing any shorted circuits.

Checking voltage on the output side of the clutch position sensor, and replace if a test reveals a faulty
clutch position sensor.

3. Checking resistance and continuity between the PCM and the clutch position sensor switch and replacing
any modules as needed.


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