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dg64 4/1/2010

2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 6 Cyl 3.8L


There is a clunk and rattle coming from the right rear of the car whenever I go over bumps

I have new struts and springs (Monroe quick struts) on all corners and replace the front rotors and pads on all four corners within the last 4 months. This seemed to start a short time after the pads were replaced and before the struts

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Glenn D.

Glenn D. 4/1/2010

could be a muffler clamp come loose or could be they didn't tighten the shock mounts and the rubbers fell out, get under it and shake things around

Glenn D.

dg64 4/2/2010

The noise started before the strut installation and I did check it again and it's tight. I've also checked everything on the suspension and the muffler and everything is in tact and tight. That's why this is maddening. I'm thinking it's the brakes but the bolts are tight there also


barryp 4/3/2010

This is unlikely, but it happened on my 97 gtp. I kept hearing a clunk on right front when I hit a bump. It drove me nuts checking out suspension and exhaust. One day I had to swerve to avoid another car and hit a bump hard. When i got to work I was ticked and slammed the door as I got out. I heard that same clunk. I got back in and kept closing the door until I found that the upper right corner of the windshield was unsealed and bouncing. I had the windshield resealed, end of problem. The rear glass may be sealed differently, and this may not be possible on your car. Try pushing up from inside to check. I guess that last hard bump loosened it enough for me to find it. Also, this may be too obvious, but have you checked your trunk for anything loose?


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