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Tom 6/24/2010

1980 MG MGB MK IV 4 Cyl 1.80L


Clunk in front when applying brakes.

I have replaced all the pads between the front cross member and the chassis, and the bushings at the inner ends of the lower A arms with new polyethelene pads and bushings, new bushings on the anti-sway bar, the wheel bearings are tight, and the swivel axles do not have excessive play, but I still occassionally get a clunk in the front when applying the brakes.

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timmy 9/28/2011

did you check the calipers? pistons could have excessive play

Desert Racer

Desert Racer 9/28/2011

WOW.. AN MG.. Have not worked on one in years.. Check the motor mounts.. you sound like you know what you are doing.. So i won't explain it to you.. another unusual one .. make sure the radiator is bolted in tight.. Like Timmy said check to make sure the calipers are bolted tight.. From what I remember there were a lot of unusual problems with all the British cars.. When I had my shop, British cars (and saabs) were not allowed on the property. Its like the broke regularly and i just did not want the head ache of dealing with people who always had on going car problems..


Bill 9/29/2011

Make sure lug nuts tight and wheel bearings haven't slackened.


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