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bgray 5/10/2010
1992 Lexus SC400 Base 8 Cyl 4.0L - Body & Interior
climate control is not functioning and cigarette lighter is not working
2 Answers
  • Bobby
    Bobby 5/10/2010
    start by checking the fuses. possible just a blown fuse. If the fuses check out ok then you will have to start testing the climate control to find out if it is getting power to the control unit if it is then the climate control unit is probably bad
    bgray 5/10/2010
    On the 3 plugs in the back of the control unit which is the power line.
  • tommy t
    tommy t 7/6/2010
    if you are doing your own elect. diag. then i strongly urge you to invest in a service manual from the dealer. it will pay for itself in the long run. good luck

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