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jasonrlee 4/13/2010

2003 Pontiac Vibe Base 4 Cyl 1.8L

Body & Interior

Clicking coming from glove compartment

Originally I had an issue where my car would produce hot air but the air varied in strength as I drove. I ignored it for the time being but recently under the dash a nonstop nonrhythmic clicking/tapping occurs. I pulled out the glove box to see this black unit definitely being the source. At the top there is a panel with foam in it on a hinge that keeps smacking. Not knowing how any of this worked my searching made me believe it was the motor blower, but upon removing the motor blower the clicking still continues.

What is going on in the top of this unit? Do I have to replace the entire thing? Is there a component in the top that I can replace? Or do I have to take this to the dealer?

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Beth 7/30/2010

The foam is a filter for your cabin air. It could just be put in a little off so the cover does not close properly.


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