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asventu 3/6/2012
2005 Chevrolet Epica LS 6 Cyl 2.5L - Engine
chevrolet epica ls 2005. engine jerking. DTC P0342 and P0341
chevrolet epica LS 2005.engine jerking with DTC PO342 and P0341. we changed the crankshaft position sensor and camshaft position sensor.but the problem still exist.
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  • Jimm
    Jimm 3/6/2012
    Here are the possible causes of code P0341:

    •Bad electrical connection at the camshaft position sensor
    •Damaged reluctor wheel
    •Defective camshaft position sensor
    •Defective crankshaft position sensor

    Possible causes for the code P0342 Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Low Input
    Cam sensor wiring routed too close to spark plug wiring (causing interference)
    Poor wiring connection at cam sensor
    Poor wiring connection at PCM
    Bad cam sensor
    Damaged reluctor wheel

    Often replacing the sensor fixes this code, but not necessarily. Therefore it's important to check the following:

    Check that the wiring isn't routed too close to any secondary ignition components (coil, spark plug wires, etc.)
    Visually inspect the wiring at the sensor for any burn marks, discoloration indicative of melting or chafing
    Visually inspect the cam sensor for damage
    Visually inspect the reluctor wheel through the cam sensor port (if possible) for any missing teeth or any damage
    If reluctor isn't visible from outside the engine, visual test can only be done by removing cam shaft or intake manifold (depending on engine design)
    If all checks out okay, then replace the sensor.

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