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OJ1 5/31/2012
2007 Lexus LS460 Base 8 Cyl 4.6L - Brakes
What could cause the Check VSC, ABS, and Brake Malfunction lights to come on and go off intermittenly?
The Lexus mechanics informed me that there is no leak at the accuator, and they are unsure why the lights come on and go off intermittenly.
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  • OJ1
    OJ1 7/15/2012
    I found out that the problem WAS the accuator pump assembly. The Lexus dealership wanted approx 6,500 to replace the assembly. I went online and found an accuator pump assembly for approx $420.00. Be advised that a used assembly HAS to be programmed. Before you purchase a used one, ensure that all of the previous programming codes have been erased.

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